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High Net Worth Company, Unincorporated Association or Trust

These include;

(a) any body corporate which has, or which is a member of the same group as an undertaking which has, a called-up share capital or net assets of not less than

(i) if the body corporate has more than 20 members, or is a subsidiary undertaking of an undertaking which has more than 20 members, £500,000;

(ii) otherwise, £5 million;

(b) any unincorporated association or partnership which has net assets of not less than £5 million;

(c) the trustee of a high value trust, where the aggregate value of the cash and investments which form part of the trust's assets (before deducting the amount of its liabilities)

(i) is £10 million or more; or

(ii) has been £10 million or more at anytime during the year immediately preceding the date on which the communication in question was first made or directed.




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